How To Get SEMrush 15 Days Trial Worth $51 (FREE)

If you’re looking for the free trial of SEMrush? You’re in the right place to get a free 15-day SEMrush Pro account worth $51 for FREE.

Normally, SEMrush offers a free trial period of only 7 days, but using our special link includes a special promotion that offers you a free 15-day SEMrush trial.

Before rushing to the process, I think we should know what SEMrush is and what it actually does for you.

What is SEMrush and what exactly it does?

Basically, SEMrush is a reliable all-in-one SEO tool that is mainly used for keyword research, reverse link analysis, SEO audits and more. With this tool, we can easily find profitable keywords for any niche easily.


SEMrush is a leading search engine marketing tool that helps bloggers and marketing professionals of all levels. With this tool, you can also check the traffic of your competitors, spy of their backlinks, their domain authority and all useful data about your competitors.

In summary, SEMrush is the best tool to spy on your competitors. It also analyze your current traffic, your main keywords, your links, and many other parameters so that you can get most out of Search Engine Marketing.

SEMrush is useful not only to find keywords of the competition but also for a full view of organic search, search positions, backlinks and advertising in search engines as well.

Undoubtedly, SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools recommended by SEO experts. We have used this tool to analyze our rankings and keyword positions. And If you’re looking for a reliable and flexible SEO tool then SEMrush is for you.

How to activate the free trial for SEMrush?

Follow these steps carefully to avail a free 15-day free SEMrush Trial.

Step 1: In the first step, you should click on this special SEMrush link (coupon code already applied) in order to simply access your 15-day SEMrush account for free. Now here you must register by entering your email address and the password of your choice.

SEMrush free trial

In most of the cases, you must enter the captcha (if you find one) to continue with the second step. Follow the above instruction carefully.

Step 2: Here in the second step you will be redirected to a page that needs billing information and you should enter your billing information carefully.

Step 3: Now here in this third and last step have to enter your information (email address, password, and payment information) to simply avail your  $ 51 worth SEMrush Pro account for 15 days and start using SEMrush to increase your engine traffic research easily.

SEMrush plan

Right after clicking on the “place order” button, your SEMrush account will be created for free. Enjoy your free trial.

That is all. You now have full access to the SEMrush Pro account for 15 days. Make sure you use it and play with all the features in order to make use of this SEMrush 15 Days Free Trial Offer.

What features does SEMrush offer?

I have been using SEMrush for a long time and really I can’t think myself without using this great tool for all of my SEO needs.

SEMrush is considered as the best SEO tool in the market and it gives tough competition to other SEO tools like SpyFu and Moz.

Here we have listed some of the best working features offered by SEMrush.

Keyword Research: With this SEMrush feature you can easily search for profitable keywords, but not competitive ones. Simply enter your seed keyword in the Keyword Tool, and SEMrush will return thousands of profitable and related keywords for your blogs and websites.

Content AnalyzerActually, this one is a lit feature. As here it mainly analyzes your content and suggests you the best possible content Optimization suggestion so that your content can perform well.

Competitive Keyword Analysis: Here this feature allows you to simply track all the ranking keywords of your competitor’s so that you can do well in the SERPs.

Backlink Analysis: Generally this feature allows you to simply spy on the backlinks of your competitors and develop your own SEO backlink creation strategies easily and effortlessly.

Domain vs. Domain: Actually, this one is my favorite feature. And using this feature you can easily compare your and your competitor’s domain in terms of keywords, traffic, number of backlinks, etc. So that you can have better insights into your domain in comparison to your competitor’s.

Site audit tool: If you’re a webmaster who loves to perform complete site analysis then this feature is for you.  Here this feature mainly analyzes all websites and helps you recognize the SEO improvements you can make on the site easily.

Ad Search: As the name suggests this feature helps in spying on ads keywords that are targeted to all sites.

Brand Watch: It a cool feature offered by SEMrush. this feature allows you to monitor your brand online on the social network. And it also helps you to publish content on social networks as well.

So this was the overview of some of the features and tools offered by SEMrush. Don’t think it all that SEMrush offers. Actually, there are many lit tools and features offered by SEMrush.

Check out their official website to get a detailed insight of SEMrush.

The Conclusion:

SEMrush is one of the best option available as fully-featured all-in-one SEO tools in the market. With this prominent SEO tool, you can spy on your competitor’s SEO strategies so that you can outrank them easily on the SERPs.

While SEMrush costs a high monthly price, it also offers a Money back guarantee to its users. But don’t worry just follow the steps given above and claim your SEMrush 15 Days Free Trial.

We hope this post, suits your purpose well. Do tell us, which features of SEMrush you going to use after claiming your 15 Days Free Trial.

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