Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools In 2019 [Free+ Paid]

Are you in search of the best Keyword Research Tool? If yes, then we have got the list of top 10 best keyword research tools (Free & Paid) that you must check.

No doubt, Keyword Research is one the important task for effective SEO. And in today’s world, many bloggers are busy in content creation to marketing strategy, and somehow they forgot to do proper keyword research.

And guess what!

They miss tons of rewarding opportunities by not doing proper keyword research. As here Keyword Research helps use in getting the right kind of potential visitors for our blog post and products. So it’s necessary to get indulge in finding the best keyword that is easy to rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

Make sure you spend enough time searching for keywords to control your content strategy. You should consider the following things at the time of keyword research that is given below

  • Choose the best keywords for your industry, monthly searches and more.
  • Create a content calendar based on related keywords.
  • Get more information about your competitor’s keywords and more.
  • Determine which keywords in your list of goals have the highest search volume.
  • Choose the keyword that is easy to rank and is a Log Tail Keyword.

Although you can pay to access a variety of high-level keyword research tools, it is not necessary. Instead, you can rely on a combination of free as well as paid tools to do keyword research properly.

Actually, we have divide this post in into two categories: (Free & Paid). The first half of the post has the list of Free Keyword Research Tools and the second half of the post has Paid Keyword Research Tools. So let’s get started here.

List Of Top 10 Keyword Research Tools (Free & Paid)

First of all, we would like to come up with Free Keywords Research Tools that is available out there in the market. So let’s get started with the free list first.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

The most obvious choice for the first place, this free keyword tool has been a favorite for many years.

Google Keyword Planner is not only an excellent way to do keyword research, but it can also help in getting more content and topic ideas.

The main benefit of using this tool is easy to understand: you can extract information directly from Google, the search engine you are most likely to target when optimising your site for it.


Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

No doubt, Keyword Planner is a reliable keyword research tool in the industry.

Of course, being a Google product helps build an important user base. What marketers really appreciate is the large number of long-tail keyword suggestions you can get: 100% free and that quite impressive.

There are two ways to use the Keyword Planner: search for new keyword opportunities, see the search volume, and other metrics for your current keywords for our post.

To use Keyword Planner to search for keywords, select “Search for new keywords.” Next, you will be asked to enter basic keywords or the URL of a relevant page.

The Keyword Planner is expected to have hundreds of keyword ideas on hand, including key metrics such as average monthly searches, competitive quotes, and average CPC bids.

Final Remarks on Google Keyword Planner | What We Like Most?

Google Keyword Planner really offers you more than just the opportunity to provide many keyword ideas for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The ability of the tool to automatically group similar keywords ideas and that’s really interesting.

If you are looking for a keyword research tool with the most advanced filtering capability, the Google  Keyword Planner should be your first choice.  Even you can just filter the keywords by competitiveness, search traffic, organic impression exchange, etc.

The Keyword Planner is also one of the few tools to simply eliminate “adult keywords” immediately.

All of the features of the Google Keyword Planner tools makes it’s the best free option available out there in the market.

2. AnswerThePublic

If you want to do keyword research for your post and content, I recommend AnswerThePublic. Actually, it’s a  keyword research tool that consolidates Google’s and Bing’s “autocomplete” data to display the most reliable results.

Unlike the  Ubersuggest, it is not necessary to create an account with AnswerThePublic to perform a keyword search. Simply insert seed keywords or phrase and click “Ask questions” to begin the search.


The AnswerThePublic engine generates search clouds with long-tail keyword ideas as well.

To understand what I’m talking about, let’s simply go to the search query “questions”, which is located at the top of the results page: and type in the keyword blogging.

Answerthepublic 01
Answerthepublic 01

Basically, a search cloud is a ideas map of long-tail keywords that contain specific terms, such as “WH”, question words, prepositions, and other conjunctions.

In the previous example, you can see that your target keyword is preceded by question words: who, why, where, when, who, who, what, what, what and how. These reflect the queries that users search on Google or Bing that is what make this tool one of the best free SEO tools on the market.

If you have trouble finding keywords with the Search Cloud visualisations, go to the Data tab also.

Final Remarks on AnswerThePublic  | What We Like Most?

AnswerThePublic fills the context with long keywords and gives you a clear idea of ​​the user’s intention. And better data insights. However, there are usually fewer suggestions than other search tools in the market.

I will recommend AnswerThePublic bloggers who need ideas on topics but don’t totally rely on it.

It is true that you can download keywords as a CSV file with a single click, but there is absolutely no metric that can be found in the tool. As a suggestion, you should always use AnswerThePublic with another keyword research tool to retrieve metrics for your keyword because the search volume, keyword difficulty, and many others parameter are worth looking at.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of my favorite keyword search tools and I think after using it once you will be going to love it.

While loading the Ubersuggest page, you can start searching for keywords immediately. Simply enter a domain URL or start a keyword, set preferences for your region and click on Search. And bravo! You get the best keywords for free.


As we want to explore the search capabilities of Ubersuggest, let’s say you entered the keyword “blogging” here.

After a few seconds, the tool should present an introduction page right with important statistics, such as the average monthly keyword search volume, the  , the cost per click or the CPC and more.

Ubersuggest 01
Ubersuggest 01

For long tail keyword suggestions, simply menu on the left and click on Keyword Ideas. This should give you a long list of suggestions for keywords and from where you are going to get a list of best long tails keywords.

In my experience, Ubersuggest can easily generate hundreds of useful long-term keyword suggestions without putting many efforts.

It will also display the first 99 pages of the search engine or the SERP page of your original keyword and your estimated traffic as well and that quite impressive.

The most difficult aspect of keyword research is finding keywords that meet your needs, and with this, you are going to get the solution to this problem.

Ubersuggest solves this problem with its “Push Button” filter tool, that generally extracts keywords that contain specific terms or are within a specific range in terms of search volume, payment problem or search engine and CPC optimization as well.

Final Remarks on Ubersuggest  | What We Like Most?

For a free tool, the amount of keyword suggestions you can get with Ubersuggest is impressive, and you should definitely get started with it.

While Ubersuggest can provide hundreds of keyword suggestions, there are other tools that can do much more but we think you should definitely give it a try.

While doing the Keyword Research, Ubersuggest ensures that no important data is lost, even if it is a free tool.

However, your Keyword Research data can only be exported as a CSV file or copied to your clipboard and that is relevant as a free option.

4. Google Correlate

We all know that there is nothing better than seeking advice directly from the source. And again, I’m talking about Google one of the best search engine for several reasons.

Google Correlate is a tool that is often overlooked and can be extremely powerful to create a long list of keywords for free.

Google Correlate
Google Correlate

The main reason for using this tool is the ability to see what search terms are searched together. With this information, you can start to develop your list of keywords (especially the Longtails keywords) without putting that much of efforts.

The pattern generates the keywords, not the keywords that generate the pattern. So you have to think backward and understand what you’re doing.

Before continuing with the specific use cases of Google Correlate, let me make some comments on the warnings.

First, Google Correlate does not generate an absolute search volume and that’s the down part of it. Like the trends, it is based on the proportion of the total volume. All the terms are basically relative to each other. You should always use the Keyword Planner or another keyword search tool to search for a search volume of keywords in order to have better insights.

Here the fact is that the terms are related does not mean that they have a cause and effect relationship. The correlation data contains a lot of noise, but also many hidden gems. You must use your best judgment in order to hunt down the best working keywords for free.

Final Remarks on Google Correlate  | What We Like Most?

Google Correlate is an incredibly powerful tool. The use is not intuitive, such as Google Trends or Google Autosuggest but it’s worth a try.

Google Correlate is also a great complement to other tools. You can make informed decisions from public relations campaigns to cross-selling in your online store as well too.

5. is another popular tool in keyword research that comes for free.

At first glance, it may seem the vast majority of keyword search tools in the market, until you find that you can also search for keywords for YouTube, Amazon, Play Store, and other websites as well. And this one is the best option available.

Keyword tool
Keyword tool

With, you can easily find the best keyword ideas by eliminating Google’s suggestions that are populated automatically. This is identical to the way AnswerThePublic works and in a way both the tools work immediately.

The main difference is that shows the results of the keywords not in the search clouds, but in the traditional list view as well.

Keyword tool

You can also filter the results as per your requirements. . It’s always a great way to diversify your group of keywords, find location options and create other content ideas easily without putting any efforts. also comes with the details like the average search volume, the CPC, the competitiveness rating and the traffic evolution of each keyword in the last 12 months and that I think you should expect with a reliable keyword research tool.

And if you wanted to have the pro version then you should pay $ 89 a month.

Final Remarks on  | What We Like Most?

Compared to other keyword search tools, the number of keywords you can get with is not particularly good. And it also lacking in monthly search volume of keywords as well. is recommended to find matching keywords for YouTube, Instagram, Google Play Store, Twitter, eBay, Amazon and Bing and as a free option available you should definitely give it a try.

But here the Pro measures a decent amount of metrics. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find alternatives with many more functions at this price. You should try the free version and if you liked it then go get the pro version.

Now I’m going to list the best working paid keyword research tools available in the market.

6. Ahrefs

No doubt, Ahrefs is a well-known all-in-one tool that is used mainly used to scrape the backlinks. What most SEOs do not forget is that they can do much more. With its massive data index, Ahrefs is undoubtedly one of the most sought after SaaS tools in the market.

One of the best tools to easily grow your search traffic along with researching your competitors and monitor your niche as well.


 Tools like this have helped eliminate the extra efforts and time in doing effective search engine optimization.

They have helped the industry leader to become the best, and SEO has never been so easy. With tools like Ahrefs available in the market, it has been easy for SEO Evangelists to improve.

Even you can here remove keyword suggestions for YouTube, Amazon, Yandex and some foreign search engines.

In terms of results, Keyword Explorer implements a card-based approach. This makes each piece of information more presentable, readable and easy to find and that’s quite impressive.

The user experience in Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is slightly higher and smarter than that of the SEMrush Keyword Creator tool. Its structure is easy to organize, which makes the keyword data more readable.

Ahrefs offers all the keyword filter options that are indispensable for your research. You can also filter keywords based on the rate of return, which measures the users search for the same keyword within 30 days as well.

Final Remarks on Ahrefs  | What We Like Most?

Without having any second thought, Ahrefs has more keyword suggestions than SEMrush or any of the above tools. In addition, the keyword browser also creates keyword ideas for various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

7. KWFinder

KWFinder may look like the Ubersuggest homepage. The main difference is that you can use KWFinder to search for phrases based on Google’s autocomplete questions and suggestions too.

Actually, I have used  KWFinder many times and it really helped me in finding the best keywords for my blog. On a page, not only are more keyword data loaded, but also the metrics are more accurate. The down part is that the interface is not like that of Ahrefs and SEMRush as here you have to scroll back and forth in order to access more data.


Keyword lists can also be created with KWFinder, an indispensable feature that a free tool like Ubersuggest can’t come up with. It’s not a cheap option available out there in the market.

In order to simply use the lists, check the boxes to the left of the keywords you want and click Add to list simply. You will be asked to create a new list if you have not created one yet and you’re done.

KWFinder is as relevant as you can get it with keyword search tools. All the information you need (keyword suggestions for your lists) is always available with two clicks and that’s quite impressive.

Some of the points that are worth looking:

First, with KWFinder, unlike Ubersuggest, you can search for keywords in a specific range of word numbers as well.

Secondly, with KWFinder, unlike Ubersuggest, you can hide the keywords that are already on your list and filter them easily.

Third, KWFinder will charge you at least $ 29 per month to access these filters, while Ubersuggest is free to use.

Final Remarks on KWFinder | What We Like Most?

For the keywords of the search engines, the results of KWFinder are comparable more and reliable to those of Ubersuggest. You may not get as many keyword suggestions as possible, but it will help in finding the less competitive long tail keywords.

As a paid keyword search software, the reporting features of KWFinder are much better than those of a free tool like Ubersuggest.

But you should also check the parameters like Search volume, average CPC, Keyword Difficulty, CSV Reports: all these reports are now available through Ubersuggest.

KWFinder is recommended to save keyword lists and view the search history of your account.

8. SEMRush

Here SEMrush is an amazing SEO tool and a favorite among millions of users worldwide.

SEMrush makes it very easy to find what keyword your website is located for (or another website). In short, it makes keyword research a breeze and easy to do and helps in finding the best working keywords


Once you’re done with keyword research, you can add keywords and track your positions on all major search engines by geographic location and this feature is my favorite among all of them.

The option geographical location, since it is important for those who go to certain countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, United States, etc. For global bloggers, you can also use this feature to simply find how your site is ranked in the search engines of specific countries with the help of this tool.

It is an indispensable tool of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that I think every serious blogger and Internet marketer should this SEO tool in their arsenal of SEO tools

SEMrush is a product of the SEOQuake manufacturer, a popular SEO add-on for Firefox that you can use as an extension for your web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

With SEMrush you can easily find all the keywords for which an existing website has a ranking on the search engine and the internet.

SEMrush keyword research capabilities are easily integrated into a comprehensive marketing and SEO analysis platform and are easy to learn and use even a beginner can easily get started right away.

Final Remarks on SEMRush  | What We Like Most?

SEMrush lives up to its title as a marketing analysis platform with an incredible amount of keyword data. And it provides reliable data compared to other tools available out there in the market.

The Keyword Difficulty Tool offered by SEMRush provides meaningful information about the long-tail keyword variants you want to target.

9. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that offers impressive SEO service at an affordable price. Basically, Serpstat was founded in 2013 as a keyword research tool and has grown continuously since then.

Serpstat is a flexible marketing platform that allows you to search for keywords, content marketing, SEO and PPC. On the homepage, you only need a keyword, domain or page URL to get started with the tool.


In 2016, Serpstat became an all-in-one SEO platform that became the choice of leading marketers and digital bloggers all over the world. Serpstat offers more than 5 advanced and important tools that represent the unique solution for all your SEO needs. More than 100,000 professionals around the world already are currently relying on Serpstat.

What we appreciate most about Serpstat is that it is affordable and that the functions it receives at this price are excellent. And believe me, you will not get any advanced function at this price with any other SEO tool on the market.

Let’s check out the stats of this tool Serpstat:

  • It has more than 100 million keywords in its database.
  • It currently has more than 95,000 active users.
  • It handles essentially more than 5 million requests per month.
  • It updates mainly 15,000 keywords per minute.
  • It generally provides daily updates of classification data in 12,000 cities.
  • It mainly uses more than 10 TB of space to store data.

Final Remarks on Serpstat  | What We Like Most?

Serpstat does not offer as many long-tail keyword ideas as compared to Ahrefs. However, it is recommended to separate the keywords for organic and paid campaigns. But at this pricing, this one is the best SEO tool with advanced features.

And also, Serpstat can provide you with a list of your competitors for your start keyword in PPC advertising and this makes this tool unique. You can even get an overview of your ads, a great way to get familiar with PPC. You should definitely give this tool a try.

10. SpyFu

SpyFu is basically a cloud-hosted system focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Online marketers get the secret formula of search marketing they need for their online marketing campaigns at a reasonable price.

SpyFu provides valuable information about the keywords and the most profitable natural search and payment ads used by competing vendors and provides users with competitive information that provides smarter strategies.


Basically, the experts in the SEO and CPP are benefiting greatly from the advanced technology of this platform called as the SpyFu, With this tool creating a more effective online marketing strategy that drives revenue and attracts more customers is easy and straightforward.

With SpyFu, you can spy on any domain and see where those domains appear on Google: all keywords purchased from Adwords, all organic rankings and all ads that are running for 9 years.

SpyFu also offers smart recommendations that target clicks on corporate SEO campaigns or corporate Adwords campaigns for more effective marketing for your business easily and effectively.

The best part is that the harmful and the bad keywords detected are removed, which gives users the best selection of available keywords available in the database. In addition, there are tools available that allow you to simply pay and monitor SEO rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo but here with this tool you’re getting this feature for free.

 Best of all, there is no tests are required for keyword research.

And the best part is that reliable contact information is also available to help companies create partnerships or generate leads with other companies as well.

 No doubt, SpyFu’s technology helps transform Adwords data and Google search results into relevant answers that generally give search engine marketers new ways to develop better online marketing strategies that can easily deliver better results without putting that much of efforts.

Final Remarks on SpyFu  | What We Like Most?

SpyFu is not the simplest tool, but it does not take hours to understand everything. You should play with it and learn how to use this tool effectively.

SpyFu is not only about the number of keywords, but also about the quality and effectiveness of these SEO and PPC keywords. Now easily scrape the keywords for paid ads campaigns as well.

Of course, the amount of keyword suggestions also depends on the website you’re looking for. If you are trying to validate the keywords of a well-known brand, then SpyFu can do much better than any tools available out there in the market.


As of now, you have got the list of best keyword research tool-free as well as paid. Keyword Research is very important for SEO and you should do keyword research effectively in order to get the right kind of potential visitors.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. From the free option, you should go with Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner as both are the best free option available for effective keyword research.

And if you’re willing to pay, then form the paid keyword research tools you should go with SEMrush. As it one of the flexible and most reliable SEO tools available in the market and I think you should definitely give it a try.

Feel free to tell us which tool from the list you like the most. Please give us a moment to share this post on trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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